Dual Enrollment


Steps for Dual Enrollment at

Pebblebrook High School

Read through this ENTIRE webpage if you would like to begin the dual enrollment program.



Are you ready to take on the challenge of college classes?  Are you motivated, organized, and self-driven?  Are you successful in your high school coursework and ready to take on more difficult classes?


Please follow ALL steps listed on this website to begin the Dual Enrollment process. Printed packets are also available in the counseling office.  You can print out your own packet HERE 

ALL STEPS MUST BE COMPLETED BY MAY 1st, 2022 (but colleges may have even EARLIER DEADLINES)

to be eligible for Summer or Fall term courses. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Dual Enrollment, by its nature, places MUCH responsibility on the student.  Therefore, it is the STUDENT’S responsibility to ensure that ALL STEPS are followed accurately and on time. 


If you still have questions after reading through this website AND attending the dual enrollment information session, contact Mrs. Goldman at Candice.goldman@cobbk12.org


Step #1:

Attend a Dual Enrollment Information Session

New dual enrollment students MUST attend one of the following information sessions or the county dual enrollment summit.  Details below.


Upcoming DE Info Sessions at Pebblebrook High School

Wednesday, Jan. 26th during lunch

Wednesday, Feb. 16th during lunch

Students will sign up, receive a pass to get lunch and meet in the College/Career Center for the Info Session.  Space is limited.  Sign up through the link below.


DE Virtual Information Session

Thursday, Feb. 10th at 6pm

Sign up through the link below to receive the zoom link.








Step #2:

Research if DE fits to your situation

For example, check admission requirements both for Dual Enrollment and college admissions, impact to GPA/HOPE, DE vs AP, day-to-day logistics, driving/parking, course transferability, etc.



Chattahoochee Tech: www.chattachoocheetech.edu/deadmissions/

Students admitted according to any of the following criteria: (there is no min GPA requirement for admission)

SAT: Reading 25/Math 24/Writing 26   ACT: Reading 19/English 19/Math 19  PSAT:  Reading 23/Math 22/ Writing 24

Next-Generation ACCUPLACER: 236 Read/ 249 Writing/ 229 Arithmetic/ 245 Quant. Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics

HOPE GPA: 2.6 (11th and 12th only)

Application Deadlines:  Summer Deadline: March 1st, 2022; Fall Deadline: May 1st, 2022            Contact: dual.enroll@chattachoocheetech.edu


Kennesaw State University:  https://admissions.kennesaw.edu/admissions-requirements/dual-enrollment.php

AGE: Must be 15 by the first day of the semester   GPA: 3.0 minimum unweighted core GPA

SAT: 1050 Total (Min Reading/Writing 500, SAT Math 490)  ACT: 20 (Min 18 English, 18 Math)

Must have completed Algebra II prior to applying

Application Deadlines:

Summer Deadline:  March 15th, 2022

Fall Deadline: April 1st, 2022    

Contact: depadmissions@kennesaw.edu


GA Military College:  https://www.gmc.edu/admissions/join-dual-enrollment.cms

GPA: 2.5 minimum unweighted high school grade point average

SAT: Reading 26/Math 24   ACT: English 20/Math 18   ACCUPLACER: Contact college for more info

Application Deadlines:

Summer/Fall Deadline: May 1st, 2022



There are many other colleges that offer dual enrollment!  It is up to YOU to research the college’s admission requirements.

List of approved dual enrollment colleges: https://bit.ly/DEschoolslist


Step #3:

If required, take the SAT/ACT/Accuplacer and submit scores to the college

    SAT: www.collegeboard.org

ACT: www.actstudent.org

Accuplacer: schedule directly with the college

*Make sure you are aware of what the college’s requirements are!  Remember, if you are in 11th or 12th grade, you can use your HOPE GPA instead of test scores to qualify for Chatt Tech’s dual enrollment program. 


Step #4:

Submit the college’s DE application (found on the college's website)


Step #5:

Request your transcript (if needed).

Complete this form, https://bit.ly/DEtranscript, and email it to Mrs. Goldman

*Chattahoochee Tech does NOT require your high school transcript. If you are using your HOPE GPA instead of test scores, you can access your HOPE GPA at www.gafutures.org


Step #6:

Submit the DE Funding Application on www.gafutures.org (both Student and Parent must sign)

Funding application directions here


Step #7:

Complete the CCSD DE School Agreement form


After you have completed the above steps, submit the Pebblebrook Dual Enrollment Agreement and the CCSD DE School Agreement form to Mrs. Goldman.  Once received, she will contact you to schedule a Dual Enrollment Advisement meeting.

ALL STEPS MUST BE COMPLETED (including the DE Advisement Meeting) prior to the May 1st DEADLINE!




REMEMBER THE COUNTY DEADLINES!  Colleges may have deadlines even earlier than the county deadlines.  If colleges have later deadlines, you still must go by the COBB COUNTY DEADLINES!

If you want to take DE courses in Summer 2022 – All above steps must be completed by May 1, 2022 (COLLEGES MAY HAVE EARLIER DEADLINES!)

If you want to take DE courses in Fall 2022 – All above steps must be completed by May 1, 2022


Dual Enrollment Resources:

Approved Dual Enrollment Courses on GA Futures

Chattahoochee Technical College Dual Enrollment Website

Helpful tips for Chattahoochee Tech

Georgia Military College Dual Enrollment Website

GMC Help Desk Information 

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