College Application Process

Steps to a successful college application: 

  1.  Create a road map (Here's an example).  During the summer before your Senior year, finalize the list of schools that you plan to apply to.  Write down their deadlines and which website you will use to submit your application.  Be aware of any schools that require Letters of Recommendations and additional essays. 


  1. Begin Applying to College (Fall semester of Senior year) 

  • Apply through Common App, Coalition App, or directly to the institution


  1. List the schools you are applying to on your Naviance account. 

  • Step by step process is here: 

  • After listing your schools in Naviance, come to the counseling office to complete a ‘Transcript Request’ form 


  1. Submit your SAT or ACT test scores.  Most schools will require official test scores to be sent.  You will log into your SAT ( or ACT account ( and request for the official score report to be sent to your colleges.  These do cost a fee. 


  1. Letters of Recommendations.  You will request for Teacher's Letters of Rec through your Naviance account.  I recommend reaching out to them prior to listing them in your Naviance account so that they can be aware.  It is helpful to provide the teacher with a resume so that they can write a strong letter. 


  • For Counselor recommendations, complete this online form and email Ms. Goldman when you need a recommendation:  


  1. Take time on your essay.  This is an important piece of your application.  Helpful resources: