Dual Enrollment Info

Interested in Dual Enrollment?  It is VERY important that you understand that there is a process and DEADLINES to be aware of for the Dual Enrollment program.  If you contact Ms. Goldman the day before a deadline, she may not be available to assist you.  ONCE YOU BEGIN THE DUAL ENROLLMENT PROGRAM YOU ARE A COLLEGE STUDENT!  Parents, during this process I do place a lot of responsibility on YOUR STUDENT!  If a student is interested in taking Dual Enrollment, they must know the process and the rules of the program.






Students MUST attend one of the following meetings prior to enrolling in the Dual Enrollment Program.  RSVP to the session you want to attend here: Dual Enrollment Info Session Sign Up


Lunch & Learn Sessions

Stop by the Counseling Office during your lunch to discuss dual enrollment info and requirements!


Wednesday, Aug. 21st

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd

Wednesday, Jan. 22nd

Wednesday, Feb. 5th

You MUST sign up for the lunch sessions.  Please arrive as quickly as possible on the date of the meeting and bring your lunch.


Morning/Evening Information Sessions


Thursday, August 29th 7:45am in Counseling Office

Tuesday, Oct. 15th 6:30pm in Cafeteria

Thursday, March 12th 7:45am in Counseling Office

Parents are welcome to attend any of the sessions.  However, students MUST be present.  Once a student begins the Dual Enrollment program, they become a COLLEGE STUDENT!  It is important that the student takes ownership in this process if they want to take college level classes!

DEADLINES TO BE AWARE OF (all testing and paperwork must be completed):

Chattahoochee Tech DE—Spring Session Nov. 15th, Summer Session March 1st

Georgia Military College DE—Fall 2 Session Sept. 13th, Winter Session Dec. 6th



You can learn more about colleges that offer dual enrollment here: www.gafutures.org.  
Step 1: Attend a DE Info Session This is required for students who are new to the DE program.  Ms. Goldman offers evening, lunch, and morning sessions.  Parents are welcome to attend - BUT STUDENTS MUST BE PRESENT! Check Ms. Goldman's website for dates goldmanphs.educatorpages.com
Step 2: Choose a College and Research their DE progam Georgia Military College Chattahoochee Technical College Other College
Step 3: Take qualifying tests  GMC will come to PHS to offer the Accuplacer a few times each school year; you must sign up to test when announced; You can also test directly with the college You can use Accuplacer, PSAT, SAT, ACT, or HOPE GPA to qualify for Chatt Tech DE. Go to their website for requirements. Chatt Tech will not offer the Accuplacer at PHS, you must go to Chatt Tech to take the test.   Follow the DE requirements on their website (Accuplacer/ACT/SAT)
Step 4: Apply to the College's DE program You will need to apply to GMC here: www.gmc.edu/apply Apply here: http://www.chattahoocheetech.edu/deadmissions/ Apply on the school's website
Step 5:  Meet with the Dual Enrollment Counselor  During this time, Mrs. Goldman will give you the Student Participation form and guide you through course options.  Schedule an appointment with Mrs. Goldman at goldmanphs.youcanbook.me.  DO NOT SCHEDULE AN INDIVIDUAL APPOINTMENT WITH MS. GOLDMAN UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED STEPS 1 through 4.
Step 6: Complete the Student Participation Agreement Student, parent, & counselor signs form. Return to Ms. Goldman. She will then scan and submit it to GMC. Student, parent, & counselor sign form.  Student uploads Student Participation Agreement here: http://www.chattahoocheetech.edu/deadmissions/ You will follow the rules of the Dual Enrollment program regarding the submission of the Student Participation Agreement
Step 7: Complete DE Funding Application IMPORTANT! This must be completed prior to starting classes so that the course is paid for!  This must be completed through www.gafutures.org.  Details about this process can be found at goldmanphs.educatorpages.com. 
Step 8: Continue to check your email; both your PERSONAL and YOUR COLLEGE EMAIL You will be contacted by the schools regarding IMPORTANT information! (ex. Orientation information, how to access your course, etc.)  Ms. Goldman can help guide you, but YOU ARE NOW A COLLEGE STUDENT ONCE YOU BEGIN TAKING DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES!  It is important that you take these courses seriously and reach out to your COLLEGE advisor when you have questions or concerns about your classes.  
PAY ATTENTION TO REGISTRATION/WITHDRAWAL DEADLINES FOR YOUR COLLEGE! Once you add a college class, you have TEN DAYS from the start of the Cobb County semester to drop that class. If you drop after 10 days, it will become an F (grade of 10) on your PHS Transcript.  THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES IF YOU DO NOT TAKE YOUR DE CLASSES SERIOUSLY! THESE ARE COLLEGE CLASSES!




How to Complete Your Funding Application for Dual Enrollment

Three Part (student-initiated) Application MUST be completed EVERY SEMESTER

Part 1

  • Go to www.GAFutures.org and sign into your account. (Note: If you do not have a www.GAFutures.org  account you must create one)

Your last name, Social Security Number (SSN), and date of birth must be included in your account profile to access the application.

  • Select the HOPE & State Aid Programs tab.
  • Select the State Scholarships and Grants tab.
  • Select the Dual Enrollment tab.
  • Select the Application Procedure and Deadline tab.
  • Select the online Dual Enrollment Funding application (Note: If you do not have an SSN, then you will need to complete the paper Dual Enrollment Funding application. Your counselor will need to complete Part II of the paper application and submit it to the college)
  • Select Add New Application tab.
  • Complete information and answer all questions accurately.
  • Highlight the high school you are currently attending and use the arrow (>) to select it.
  • Highlight the college you have applied to for the dual enrollment program and use the arrow (>) to select it.
  • Check the certification, authorization, and agreement box.
  • Select Submit- Part 1 is complete!

Part 2

  • Upon completion of Part 1, submit a copy of your college class schedule to your school counselor. Let him/her know that your financial aid application is ready to be processed in STARS.
  • Once your counselor approves your application through STARS- Part 2 is complete!

Part 3

  • After your school counselor has approved your application through STARS (Part 2), the college will then approve it on their end to have the funding applied to your account. 

*If all parts are not completed in a timely manner, your financial aid will not be processed and funding will not be applied to your account. Funding must be applied to your account by the payment deadline posted; otherwise your classes are subject to being dropped.





Chatt Tech will no longer come to PHS to offer the Accuplacer.  Students must go to a Chatt Tech campus to take the Accuplacer.  First time you take it there is no cost.  Each time after there is a $15 fee.  Details on the testing information can be found here: https://www.chattahoocheetech.edu/de-testing-requirements/



Still have questions?  Read over some information at the CCSD Dual Enrollment Information page here: https://cobbdualenrollment.wordpress.com/